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Registrars of "" web sites: July 2000

OK, so what were these guys thinking when they registered several domains, where xx is a multiple of 4, from 28 to 96 and additionally ? Where they just being greedy or plain stupid?

I mean, come on, the web is less than a decade old and those people are looking well into the future to secure their "investment". Think about it.

The web 100 years from now will be more related to William Gibson's Cyberspace Matrix than the parents of a kid from (insert your favorite incest US state here).

Plus what ticks me off is that they are not using these domains. What? No blatant promotions of Nike and Adidas sports goods?

Getting ready for the 2092 Olympic Games

I would give them more, but I don't want to be sued! Corporate common sense is an oxymoron.
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