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Future Malakas of the month: November 2001

Coming soon! Be patient now damn it!!

Ok all you dorks out there - there is a new geek in town: her name is Djork (rhymes with Bjork) and she is a second generation Skandinavian girl, whose adventures we'll be seeing in the coming weeks. There will be two ways to get to see that: and

Why TouristGirl, you might ask. Well because Djork is just that: she likes going places (and getting everyone pissed in the process).

 Malakas of the month

So stay tuned there will be updates soon. In the coming weeks we'll be changing the whole damn business model of this web site (not that you really care about that). No more stupid real news. No more of that sh*t. We'll be posting the most unreal made-up stories you'll ever see -- a bit short of getting sued I hope!

Dead easy the September "Malakas of the Month".
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